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Keane – Cause And Effect

Release Info
Datum: 20. September 2019
Zeit: 00:00

Keane Announce New Album ‚Cause And Effect‘

New single ‚The Way I Feel‘ is online now…

Keane are set to release new album ‚Cause And Effect‘ on September 20th.

The band have been working at studios in London and Sussex, recruiting producer David Kosten to help oversee the process.

New album ‚Cause And Effect‘ is a record informed by ageing, but also in the depth of friendship between Tom Chapley and Tim Rice-Oxley.

Tom comments: “I found myself wondering how I had come to let this very enigmatic and important relationship in my life drift…”

‚Cause And Effect‘ lands on September 20th, led by powerful first single ‚The Way I Feel‘.

Track listing

All tracks written by Keane.

1. „You’re Not Home“
2. „Love Too Much“
3. „The Way I Feel“
4. „Put the Radio On“
5. „Strange Room“
6. „Stupid Things“
7. „Phases“
8. „I’m Not Leaving“
9. „Thread“
10. „Chase the Night Away“
11. „I Need Your Love“

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