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Matt Simons Releases Video For New Single “Open Up”

VÖ: 14.03.2019

To date, singer-songwriter Matt Simons’ music has over 500 million streams, an excess of 1 million single download sales, 10 million Shazams, Top 5 on AAA radio, a #1 European airplay hit, and 100 million VEVO views.

Today, he has released the incredible new video for current single, “Open Up,” as the track continues to grow at radio and streaming, picking up considerable UK support from Radio 2, amongst others, rising across European airplay charts (Top 20 Germany) and reaching over 2 million streams and counting.

Inspired by Matt’s single and album artwork, the innovative video for “Open Up,” directed by Dano Cerny, features Matt singing to camera amongst a series of visual collages featuring different individuals and couples struggling with themselves or within a relationship. The faces emote different emotions and, as the video and song builds, are combined with symbolic images – tears are replaced with waterfalls, and a tongue replaced with a cactus. These collages morph and shift before the video closes and the couples are revealed.

“Open Up” is the latest release from his forthcoming 12-track album, ‘After The Landslide’. The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s third longplayer will be released 5th April 2019 on AWAL. Also included in the album is “Dust” his collaboration with the hotly-tipped Betty Who.

A West Coast talent who first found success in Europe, Simons’ two studio albums to date – “Pieces” and “Catch & Release” – have seen him reach huge audiences worldwide. The biggest hit on the album – “We Can Do Better” reached over 80 million global streams, 2 months in the Top 10 European Airplay chart, BBC Radio 2 B list and ROTW, plus Radio 1 support). His collaboration with LA-based artist Amy Kuney – “Amy’s Song,” with its acclaimed campaign video message of love, acceptance, and equality, show a deeper side of his song writing and have further bolstered a burgeoning career.

‘After The Landslide’ is his biggest, most ambitious, most personal record yet. With nods to both Bon Iver, and Springsteen, it’s a record that approaches some of The Big Themes in our lives – love, loss, grief, and the power it takes to get through it all. Matt’s piano-rooted melodies ally themselves to lyrics that speak plainly, sometimes starkly, about important events in his life, and with these he crafts songs that make the personal ‘universal’.

Matt will be touring the European festival circuit this summer, including a coveted support appearance for Ed Sheeran at Firenze Rocks in Florence. A full tour will be announced later this year.

‘After The Landslide’ artwork was created by acclaimed Australian Illustrator Karen Lynch.


“I chose After The Landslide as the title track because for me, it encapsulates what the whole album is about more than any other. This record is about a quarter life crisis. It’s about “blowing up your life,” starting over and all the cathartic yet terrifying things that go along with it. I wrote these songs at age 29 (in a much more settled place) but in order to do so, I had to dig deep into what I remember feeling in my early 20s. I didn’t have a lot of direction, I was just starting out in Brooklyn, fresh out of a big breakup and had no idea what I was doing with my life. As scary as that was it also came with a lot of freedom. I tried to capture those feelings and experiences on this album.”


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