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Patric Scott – “Bodytalk“

Patric Scott has repeatedly proven in the past that he has a knack for collaborations with the big ones of the pop and soul scene around the globe.

For his latest release, “Bodytalk“, he has once again been able to get two veritable icons of the industry on board: Pam Sheyne and Richard Harris.

The former has sold more than 50 million albums and has won more than 100 platinum awards – and co-wrote Christina Aguilera‘s hit „Genie In a Bottle“, among others.

The latter is co-responsible for several Billboard number 1 hits and has made a name for himself in film music as well as pop.

So much for that. But what happens now when an outstanding soul voice from the edge of the Swiss Alps meets two of the preeminent songwriters and producers in soul, R‘n‘B and pop? To cut a long story short: It sizzles. Not just because Pat Scott sings „I can hear your body talkin‘ to me“ in “Bodytalk“.

But because the whole track rolls out of the speakers in an unbelievably crisp, smooth and catchy way, immediately settles into the ears and from there sets the whole body into positive vibrations. Sit still to “Bodytalk“? Forget it! Especially after this pandemic, it‘s now time to party with your friends again and feel positive vibes. That‘s where “Bodytalk“ comes in.

After the Top 12 success album „Spirit“, it will be the fifth longplayer of the multi-talent from Eastern Switzerland.
Patric Scott‘s enormously expressive and characteristic voice and the passion with which he interprets his songs are unique. The release of „Bodytalk“ marks another highlight in a long and successful career.

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