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Thank you for waiting,
the journey is about to begin.

Agnetha Björn Benny Anni-Frid

Join us for a concert 40 years in the making. A concert that combines the old and new, the young and not-so-young. A concert that has brought all four of us together again.

ABBA Voyage is the long-awaited concert from one of the biggest pop acts of all time. See ABBA’s avatars accompanied by a 10-piece live band, in a custom-built arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

No comeback would be complete without new music. ‘Voyage’, the album, featuring 10 new songs will be released on 05.11.21. The first two singles from ‘Voyage’ are ‘I Still Have Faith in You’ and ‚Don’t Shut Me Down‘ – and both are available to stream right now.

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