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Jonas Brothers New Single  ‘Who’s In Your Head’

Earlier this month, the band was at the center of the Olympic Games. In celebration of the conclusion to the 2021 Tokyo Games, the Jonas Brothers shared an exclusive NBC edition of their single “Remember This” with a performance of the track as part of the closing ceremony festivities.

“We’re always going to #RememberThis,” the trio shared on Instagram. In separate posts, Kevin Jonas described the performance as “a moment I’ll never forget” while Nick Jonas added: “What an honor.”

The NBC edition of “Remember This” arrived with a visual performance that aired on NBCUniversal featuring footage captured throughout the Tokyo Games alongside the Jonas Brothers performing on a rooftop. Highlighted moments include the lighting of the torch at the opening ceremony as well as track, swimming, and gymnastics champions.

“Remember This” debuted on the first night of the U.S. Team Trials for track and field in June ahead of the Tokyo Games. A number of the song’s lyrics were inspired by the Games and Team USA, with the band singing: “Used to pray for a moment just like this, there’s a fire in your eyes I can’t resist, baby we’re gonna wanna remember this.”

In the lead-up to the closing ceremony, the Jonas Brothers participated in a game of their own, competing against each other in track, gymnastics, and BMX biking trials. Kevin snagged a win in hurdles and Nick achieved a gold medal in gymnastics before cracking a rib during the BMX portion of the band’s personal event.

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